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Google My Business & reasons for GMB verification

When talking about Local SEO, Google My Business (GMB) listings are the most powerful way to get customers and build out your brand, for many local businesses, GMB listings account for up to 65% of their inbound organic lead flow. GMB verification is thus extremely important to local businesses.

Not everyone has an actual physical location and valid address available to use for the location where they need a GMB listing placed. With GMB Verify we can help you build out your brand in locations you currently do not have presence.

How do Google My Business rankings work?

The most important ranking factor when looking at GMB’s is the proximity to the searcher, which is why there are significant advantages to having multiple Google My Business listings verified in you local area. Most businesses only have one (if any) locations in all of the areas they wish to compete in. Which is why getting multiple GMBs approved and verified is such an effective strategy to outperform your competition.

GMBs Show up in 9/10 of ALL Searches on Google

Did you know that the “Google 3-pack” of local business listings are displayed prominently above even organic number one rankings on 93% of all Google search queries? Powerful right?
Imagine how much more traffic and leads you could generate for yourself or clients with even a few additional verified GMB listings in your target market.


Google My Business Optimisation 

If Google My Business instant verification isn’t for you, we also offer market leading optimization for your listing(s). Please use the contact form to find out more. Each listing is charged at $375.00 per month with proven results.

In-depth Keyword Research

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The foundation to a successful digital marketing campaign is getting the keywords right and this is our first step in getting you leads for your business. Do keyword research and get these placed in the description, tag photos and even the name of your business title.

Google My Business Profile

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The second step in this process is to ensure you have a 100% completed Google My Business profile, sounds easy right?  Many GMBs are still unclaimed or are missing vital details.

Directory Citations Submissions

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Google loves to know the prominence of your business, it is essential to build out citations for your business. Its recommended to build out niche relevant citations which you can find by doing a Google search for.


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Uploading geo-tagged imaged based on the keywords you have found instep one,  these images should be tagged with co-ordinates close to your business proximity and the file data should include keywords based around your business.

Map Stacking

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Using external software to create geo relevant maps related to your business and embed the maps across web 2.0s and high DA blogs, this is an extremely powerful way to rank locally. Each map stack should be hand built and designed to reference the target GMB listing with the top-ranking locations for your search terms. An included 500+ words of SEO optimized tier 2 content that revolves around your niche should be included within the body of the text.


Click Through Rate

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Driving real user traffic through your GMB from a variety of sources, this can be done by running Google ad campaigns, Facebook or simply having you map link on guest posts. The additional visits will help to get your GMB into the map pack

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